Landscaping Management Tips

Nothing is more inviting than a home or business with a beautifully designed and well-maintained landscape. For a business, it’s bound to attract prospective clients. This is because clients often associate good appearance or the aesthetics of a business with quality services/products. Likewise, a home with a great landscape is likely to attract more buyers and most importantly, fetch a tidy sum during its sale.

Now in order to increase the value of your property and enhance its beauty, you might want to incorporate good landscaping management. Landscaping management basically involves a consistent landscape, lawn, or garden care and maintenance to ensure the best curb appeal of your property. J Mather is a landscaping company based out of Easton, MA that services all of the south shore.  It is important to hire a professional because proper management of your landscape is crucial as it can keep your property looking its best throughout the year while saving you time and money.

Best Landscaping Management Tips

In this post, you’re going to learn some few landscaping management tips that will raise your property’s value and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Keep Your Lawn Well-Maintained

A well-maintained lawn says a lot about your landscaping management prowess. It tells your business clients or the visitors in your home that you care about your property’s appearance and condition.

Mow the lawn grass. Prune shrubs and trim small trees. Control weed and pests by use of weed and pest killers. Irrigate at least once a week to prevent the grass from drying out.

Remove Fallen Leaves and Debris

Landscaping management is all about keeping your property looking smart and clean. One way to ensure this is to pick up the fallen leaves and clean up the debris on your lawn, beds, patio, and on the pathways. Spring and fall require more hard work as this is the time when tree leaves tend to fall off.

Pressure Wash the Pathways, Patio, and Walkways

Pressure washing your property’s patio, pathways and walkways at least once a month is a good way to keep your landscape in check. Pressure washing will remove all loose dirt, especially on the walkways and pathways as they tend to collect lots of dirt from the plant beds, especially during heavy rains.

Make Arrangements for Turf and Shrub Fertilization

A little boost on your lawn and bed soil can greatly enhance the growth of turf, shrub, trees, as well as flowers. Proper growth ensures a beautiful landscape all year long.

At least twice a year, apply quality fertilizer on every shrub, lawn, trees, as well as flower beds.

Weather-Based Irrigation

During summer, which is the year’s hottest month, it’s important to provide adequate water throughout your landscape to prevent the plants and grass from drying up.

Weather-based irrigation involves the use of sprinklers and controllers during summer when there is little or no rain. Ensure that you have adequate water in your storage tanks. Alternatively, there are numerous landscaping services offering irrigation services. Such services are a great choice if you don’t have the time to do the irrigation yourself.

Annual Soil pH Test and Adjustment

If you happen to notice some signs of stunted growth on shrubs or even a change in color in the tuft, consider scheduling for a soil pH test. A Soil ph test is a great way to check for soil acidity- high acidity in soil often causes stunted growth in plants.

Hire a professional to adjust your landscape’s soil pH.

Maintain Proper Care and Maintenance on Outdoor Water Features

It’s pleasant to have an outdoor water feature such as a pond or small lake, or even a waterfall or fountain. When well-maintained, an outdoor water feature can greatly enhance your landscape and overall property appearance.

Weed and debris removal on lakes and ponds is one way to ensure your landscape’s aesthetic appearance and value. Drain “old” water from the pond and lake to prevent green algae from growing and replace with clean water.

With hard work and effort, it’s easy to keep your landscape in check all year long. If you need professional assistance in landscaping management, be sure to hire some reputable landscaping professionals. Otherwise, these few landscaping management tips will help you improve your property’s landscape aesthetics while improving its value.